a firefox plugin for looking at pictures. (and now video!)

download v1.2 (probably buggy)

what is the firefusk extension?

firefusk is a firefox extension for going through sequentially numbered image files. it recently started working with video, too.

is that where the galleries come from?

yep, if you're kind enough to share, every time you use firefusk it updates the website with the gallery you viewed. everyone wins! i do need to tell you to follow the Terms of Use, though.

how do i use it?

right clicking on an image or image link will bring up a context menu which has a 'firefusk' option in it. it's pretty self-explanatory. you can also use the manual option with a url like[1-10].gif.

downThemAll is recommended for downloading the images and video you find.

what are the options?

the 00x option is about whether you want leading zeroes or not - if you start with Picture129.jpeg and decrement 50, it needs to know whether you're looking for Picture97.jpeg or Picture097.jpeg; it's on by default.

there's also an option about whether you want firefusks to open in new tabs. if tabs isn't selected, it uses new windows.

share is whether or not firefusk shares your galleries with

what are the links on the firefusk page?

for the sake of aesthetics, all broken links are hidden on the new page that's loaded when you firefusk an image until you click the 'toggle broken links' link. the 'image link' is there for bookmarking ease.

how do i install it?

if you're using firefox, click here. otherwise, get firefox and come back later.


toss me a line at [email protected] to let me know about them